Gummy Bears Picnic at the Ballpark

Dearest Boo,  last Friday I was thrilled to be able to have a new experience and I loved it!  Your Aunt Teri asked me to join her beloved family in attending the Husker Baseball game.  I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I have never been to one game.   I did join them, it was fun, and I will go again.  We sat in the General Admission seats, which means that we sat in the grassy area on blankets.  Except for the fact that it was still a bit cold, we had a good time.  It was so great to see all of the families that were there together supporting our team.  Sitting next to us was a young man and his wee little boy.  They were having so much fun together.  The little one had such joy on his face while he copied his father’s actions.  Dad stood up to cheer, wee little one did too.  Dad clapped when our right fielder made a great catch, wee little one did too.  One of our boys scored a home run and Dad picked up wee little one and spun him around in a circle celebrating.  Wee little one let out the biggest squeal of joy.  It was so tender to see the love on both their faces.

And I so enjoyed spending time with my baby sister and her family.  There are ten years between our ages, so I don’t know much of her childhood.  At that time I was too busy trying hard to be grown up and not wanting to be with family.  It was not “cool”.  How sorry I am for that, as I so admired the wonderful woman she has grown up to be and I love seeing what a great mother she is to her two young girls.

Going to the ball park reminded me of the times when you were younger and we would go as a family to see the Royals play in Kansas City.  You were so excited to go, but I was never sure if it was because of the game, or the fact that you were able to take along a friend or if it was because we were going to Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun.  You always wanted to ride all the roller coasters first.  You sure did not get that from me!  Just the thought of getting on a roller coaster would make me want to puke.  Just saying the words “roller coaster” makes me want to puke.

The very last roller coaster this old behind ever got into was during your eight grade Sunday School trip to Kansas City.  I can close my eyes and picture the cars slowly clanking their way up to the very first hill, anticipating the drop that was to come all too soon, feeling my stomach slowly creeping up into my mouth, wondering if what was in my stomache headed towards my mouth was going to come out in a “Exorcist-like” moment.  Oh my gravy!  There I was in the ride, sitting with one of your classmates and I was trying hard not to embarrass myself or you.  Just before the drop I recall my mouth being open and screaming out.  I looked over at the poor, sweet little girl that was sitting with me.  Here eyes were huge with what I interpreted to be total fear.  It was only when we got off the roller coaster that I overheard her telling one of the boys on the trip that she had never heard those kinds of words before, let alone those kind of words coming from my mouth.  Apparently, I was in need of a bar of soap and getting my mouth washed out.

All of this is leading to the treats that I brought to the game last Friday.  I had found a recipe for home made Gummi Bears and I wanted to try it out.  The hardest part is paying for the candy molds.  They were about $4 a piece at Michael’s, but I had a 75% off coupon.  Score!!  They tasted okay.  A bit too strawberry for my taste.  Next time I will try another flavor.  Perhaps there will be better success and then there will be Joy Rising.

Home  Made  Gummy  Bears

Prep  Time: 20 minutes

Cook  Time: 0 minutes

Source: Sadly I Cannot Remember


  • 2  three oz. packages of flavored Jello
  • 6 envelopes of knox unflavored gelatin
  • 2/3 c of cold water
  • 1/6 c of cold water (I know, it confused me at first.  Just fill measuring cup to about half of the 1/3 mark)


  1. Make sure you have your candy molds ready.  This made enough for five molds, this will totally depend on how large/deep are your molds.
  2. Measure the water into a glass measuring cup and slowly add all the gelatin the Jello.  Make sure to add it a little at a time and stir in completely before adding more.
  3. Cover with plastic wrap and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  4. Put the glass measuring cup into your microwave for about 60 seconds.  You may need to go another 60 seconds.  You just want to melt the “goo”, not cook it.
  5. Pour the mixture into your molds, just is made easier because you were smart enough to use the measuring cup.
  6. Put the molds into the fridge for 5-10 minutes to help them set faster.
  7. Once they are set you can pull them right out of their molds.  I found it to be a bit easier to use a knife to help loosen up one side.  They pulled out much easier at that point.


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