Trader Joe Brainchild – Inside Out Strawberry Shortcake Deluxe

Dearest Boo,  working at Trader Joe’s has been a blessing and a curse.  Their foods are amazing to look at, amazing to try and it has my brain in overdrive just thinking about how I can combine/change/morph one dish into another.  This is my latest “creation”.   Inside Out Strawberry Shortcakes Deluxe.

Right now TJ’s has some amazing Organic Strawberries that have to be on steroids.  They are super huge and super sweet.  I saw a blog online where she wrapped the strawberry in cake crumbs (as if you were making a cake pop), dipped it in chocolate and then added sprinkles.  At first I was thinking that it might make a cute idea for a high school graduation.  You could use some of the colored chocolate disks in one of the graduate’s school colors and then add the sprinkles for the other school color.    Then my mind when in a different direction.  Why not use Angel Food Cake and add the whipped cream and call it “Inside Out Strawberry Shortcake Deluxe”?

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